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Message of Condolences left by the fans

Steve Roberts

 donnasteve1@ntlworld.com 17-11-2008 - 19:55

Bye Reg, you were such a memorable part of my growing up, and you will be very sadly missed. Condolences to all of the Varney family.



 p.hoole@sky.com 17-11-2008 - 19:54

Reg will miss you loads,you made my family so happy,i am so glad we have all the series of on the buses and the rag trade, we can keep Reg for ever in our hearts. God bless you Reg and keep you in his care


paul 17-11-2008 - 19:28

RIP Reg.....Condolences to all of the family.



 Philw0106@aol.com 17-11-2008 - 19:14

I bet blakey will b sheddin a tear or two. Wish they would get blakey and olive back together for a final goodbye to everbody thats gone

Richard Labelle

 theukshoppe@hotmail.com 17-11-2008 - 19:02

God bless you, Reg. You always brought a smile to the face of everyone in our family, sometimes when there was so much bad news it was hard to smile about anything. My brother and I grew up with 'On the buses' and now (many years later) I own my own "UK Shoppe" and sell On the buses on DVD! God love you Reg and THANK YOU!


Karen 17-11-2008 - 18:40

From North Vancouver Canada - Memories of sneaking down to watch after bedtime at the sound of my parents laughter......one of the great shows we could see as ex-pats here in Canada So sad to see Reg Butler's passing, he brought many a laugh to my family.

Cheers from British Columbia

Ralph Aubrey

 ralph.aubrey@sky.com 17-11-2008 - 17:40

Still watching on the buses on dvd, timeless comedy r.i.p. Buttler


Jane Watts

 sweetjane11@hotmail.com 17-11-2008 - 17:35

My Deapest condolences to the family and friends of Reg!! He is the best and will continue to make us laugh always, i wish i could have met him!! Our Loss is Heavens Gain xxxx God Bless xxxx


Frank 17-11-2008 - 17:31

RIP Reg - an absolute comedy legend

Steve Everett 17-11-2008 - 17:14

my condolences to the Varney family God bless you Reg you will still keep us laughing every time we watch on the buses


Jackie House

 jacqueline@jacquelinehouse.orangehome.co.uk 17-11-2008 - 17:12

RIP Our Reg! They dont make 'em like that anymore!!!



 armstrong_mary@sky.com 17-11-2008 - 16:59

My condolences to Reg's family. I've always loved On the Buses. It was a classic british sitcom to be proud of. Goodbye Reg, thanks for the laughs.


R Hani 17-11-2008 - 16:46

Deapest condolences to the Varney family and friends.


mac sadler

 macbee@blueyonder.co.uk 17-11-2008 - 16:18

rest in peace reg you gave many many hours of pleasure and you will never be forgoten


Dave Lynsey and jessica 17-11-2008 - 15:49

I am very saddened to hear of the death of reg varney.He was a true british comedy gem.I have watched on the buses since I was a kid and stans laugh and smile would light up a room.My 5 year old daughter watches it and loves stan and all th other characters.I went on holiday to budleigh salterton back in july and would have loved to have met reg and thanked him for all the laughs.


Condolensces to the varney family.Never to be forgotten.


Wyn Rees

 wyn.rees4@yahoo.co.uk 17-11-2008 - 15:41

Rest in Peace Reg. Jack and Stan will be chasing some clippies around in heaven.

You gave many generations a lot of laughs and as many have said was a truly great actor who deserved more credit for your immense talent.

Andy J

 andrewsteven01@ticali.co.uk 17-11-2008 - 14:54

Rest in Peace Reg - You deserved more credit in your life ... 


dawn booker


 http://yahoo 17-11-2008 - 14:48

I know i'm only eleven, but my mum was watching on the buses once and i watched it with her and liked it , so my mum got me some DVD's of on the buses , and since then i always watch them before i go to sleep ,stan was my favourite he made me laugh, i was sad when i heard it on the news last night, my mum woke me up so i could see it on the telly , cos i though she was lying , i didnt want him to die, bye bye stan


rachel 17-11-2008 - 14:42

rest in peace

thanks for all the laughs x


Veronica Brown

 ronib82@hotmail.co.uk 17-11-2008 - 14:34

I would like to say that I am very upset to hear the news that Reg Varney has died and how much he was admired by fans across the world.

As a kid I absolutley enjoyed On the Buses and thought that when he left there was a deep void left there and thats why the show ended when it did.

RIP Reg and God Bless xx


K and Family 17-11-2008 - 14:05

you will be sadly missed by all ..

our condolenses to your family.xx


dave tiv 17-11-2008 - 13:50

So sad you got off at the cemetery gates one last time Reg. You and the gang made me laugh no end. You'll not be forgotten.....oooohhh I really 'ate you Butler!


maria poole


 http://reg 17-11-2008 - 13:34

hi there on the buses it was agrt previlege to knw regg my dad knew him frm yrs ago what a grt man he was he brought joy and happiness to everyone and all the cast of on the buses we are goin to miss him regg varnet god bless you always will be remembered in all our heart love mariaxjimxcoo xxxxxxxxxxxxx



 chrisclose_lincoln@yahoo.co.uk 17-11-2008 - 13:32

it has been a heartbreaking last 24 hours and stan has taken the no 11 to cemetry gates and let his and jacks antics remain here on earth and in heaven and finally stan can take the rest he toaly deserves

pat messitt

 pat.messitt@tiscali.co.uk 17-11-2008 - 13:30

my dad lived in the next streetto reg. i was taken from a little girl till i was 22 with my dad backstage to see reg.the last time was at studios for (the rag trade).he was not only a comedian but a fine pionist. god bless reg.


Toby Brunzell of Sweden

 pennfakatren@hotmail.com 17-11-2008 - 12:54

On the bus to heaven........soon we will here God laughing when Reg will spread his jokes among the angels ! R I P !


Sidmouth Guide


 http://www.sidmouth.com 17-11-2008 - 12:19

Reg Varney a true british great whom made us all laugh.Passed away peacefully just along the road to us in Sidmouth Devon.


Michael Parkin

Roger Chance 17-11-2008 - 11:49

Rest In Peace


The crew are back together driving and conducting the buses in heaven.


peter harris

 peter.r.harris@hotmail.co.uk 17-11-2008 - 11:42

you were the best reg you will never be replaced we had a laugh i hate you butler


Thomas 17-11-2008 - 11:34

Thanks for the laughs Reg. Rest in Peace.


Lloyd 17-11-2008 - 11:09

Reg, you brought me many years of delight.

To mark your passing, I shall watch some episodes of On The Buses tonight before bed.

Rest In Peace.

John C

 john.cheeseman@hotmail.com 17-11-2008 - 11:03

Happy childhood memories of on the buses. Cheeky but harmless ,no malice just fun..My condolences to your family Good night Reg and thanks for all the laughs 


Nick Hodgson 17-11-2008 - 10:58

I grew up on your comedy thanks for all the fun evenings we had together. You on the TV, me lying on the floor laughing along with the rest of Australia



 rcolebourn@aol.com 17-11-2008 - 10:57

R.I.P reg x


Paolo Morini-Sorrentino

 paolino009@blackberry.orange.co.uk 17-11-2008 - 10:45

gosd bless you reg varney.Thank u for making me loving on the buses.We going to miss your laughs.


Naomi Evans

 naomijoy@fsmail.net 17-11-2008 - 10:27

I am so sorry to hear the sad news. Thanks for all the laughs 


Eva Measor

 evameasor@bigpond.com 17-11-2008 - 10:14

God Bless and thank you for making me happy. xo Eva.


Keith E.

 kmemerson@talk21.com 17-11-2008 - 10:10

Re-united with Jack. The old crew together again. Gone but never forgotten. Thanks for all the laughs Reg.

Mark Jones

 jonesy@specialbranch.net 17-11-2008 - 10:04

Reg Varney was a 60's icon. Part of my life when I was growing up. 


 sherring@shplondon.co.uk 17-11-2008 - 10:01

RIP one of the best entertainers all round you will be missed at least you can be reunited with your mum and brother in law and your manager and your best mate. No one can beat the laughter you gave.



Dean Measor

 eva.measor@bigpond.com 17-11-2008 - 09:12

To dear Reg Varney,

thank you from the botom of my heart for keeping me alive these last three years, you are the greatest there is and ever was.

A true legend and genius. Everyone around the world loves you and will miss you for ever and ever. God Bless and RIP dear Reg, there will NEVER be another one like you again.

I have been very sick for the last three to four years and the ONLY thing that has kept me going through operation after operation is putting you in the VHS or DVD and staying sane.

I love you Reg, watched you all of this last week as I go into hospital tomorrow and was watching you when you passed.

Always remembered by all of us.

God Bless. Xoxoxox

Dean Measor.


Ashley 17-11-2008 - 09:07

RIP Reg, you looked like my dad!


carl 17-11-2008 - 09:03

rip.great show


Gary Benson

 lrlfcok@yahoo.co.uk 17-11-2008 - 09:02

just like to say what a sad day it is we lost probably 1 of the last great comics i was very young when on the buses started showing but i remember watching the film series which then became addictive viewing hope u looking down on us reg and stil making people laugh 


anthony ferrara

 ciaotonyf@mac.com 17-11-2008 - 08:47

Thanks for the hours of fun, exit stage left


Mark Swain

 mark_swainy@yahoo.com 17-11-2008 - 08:34

Very sad to hear of Reg Varney's passing and my condolences to his family and friend. Reg you leave us laughing with the wonderful comedy legacy of On The Buses and you will always be remembered. 


Jackie Smyth 17-11-2008 - 07:51

Goodbye Reg - you were a great actor and a good man. Long live On The Buses!

You won't be forgotten by your army of fans.


Tony 17-11-2008 - 06:44

You gave us many happy times watching On The Buses. R I P Reg. Condolences to family.


Neil Remic

 neil.remic@y7mail.com 17-11-2008 - 05:58

My wife and I still watch all the shows at home, I was very sad to read that Reg had died, all the best.

Regards Neil (Perh WA)


ALLEN 17-11-2008 - 04:28

Fondly remembered by all viewers here in Canada where ON THE BUSES has just begun showing again on the VISION network, we wish to offer our most sincere and heartfelt condolences to his family members. Reg was one of the real greats.



 terrymoore007@btinternet.com 17-11-2008 - 03:56

At last, Stan has finally made it to the Cemetery Gates !!


May you rest in peace Reg. You have given me such wonderful times with your antics along with Jack. I hope you run the buses up in heaven like you did down here in Luxton !! 


Jenny & Kevin

 millar5@ncable.net.au 17-11-2008 - 03:40

great memories of a very funny actor we remember when he came to the Winchelsea pub and signed photos


Terence Burgess


 http://youtube.com/scritti 17-11-2008 - 02:52

Great memories came flooding back as i remembered laughing out loud watching Stan & co during my childhood.

He brought much happiness to peoples lives.



 http://www.areacarsfarnhamcommon.co.uk 17-11-2008 - 02:36

well done reg and co, rewatching the whole lot on DVD, its so funny........even my 21 yo daughter loves it.........go on get that bus out.....No;11 to the cemetary gates......


DONNA WHALEY 17-11-2008 - 02:18

Loved watching On The Buses in the 70's-still makes me laugh now. Goodnight and god bless Reg.

mr and mrs brookes tyne and wear



 http://google 17-11-2008 - 01:20

reg u were a fantastic actor and a lovely person u will be sadly missed god bless u 

Little Arthur

 http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Sb0w4njX-ig 17-11-2008 - 00:49



I think The Telegraph are being a bit harsh in their obituary,I though the publc had always loved him. Was it really his decision to leave On The Buses? Did his career really collapse or was it his decision to stop doing film and TV work?




Reg Varney - Comedy actor who achieved stardom in the 1970s television sitcom On the Buses but whose career later faltered


In the 1960s and early 1970s he was rarely out of the public eye, appearing on the television screen in sitcoms such as The Rag Trade and Beggar My Neighbour as well as in 65 episodes of On the Buses and in three spin-off films.


The public, however, never fully forgave him for leaving On the Buses. His popularity waned, and his television and film career collapsed.


A Morse 17-11-2008 - 00:44

Very sorry to hear about Reg's passing.

He was an amazing comic actor.

RIP Reg.




 http://New York Redbulls 17-11-2008 - 00:42

So sad, he will be missed. R.I.P. Reg Varney 



 keiferrocks@hotmail.co.uk 17-11-2008 - 00:36

so sad to hear the bad news about Reg we will miss you for sure 



 steve@model33.fsnet.co.uk 17-11-2008 - 00:31



Joanna Lumley 17-11-2008 - 00:27

What a wonderful character Stan was for Reg. He kept Britain smiling throughout all the grim times during the 1970's.

It's always sad when a much loved actor leaves us; however, his enduring popularity will live on as we fondly remember Reg Varney - son, workmate, curse of a boyfriend... and actor extraordinaire.


Dave Hunter

 david.hunter999@btinternet.com 17-11-2008 - 00:19

Thanks for all the laughter you gave us, really gonna miss you, COME on lets get this Bus out!!! xx


 lilt1nk@ymail.com 17-11-2008 - 00:16

may you rest in peace reg thoughts and prayers go out to the family at this sad time


John Jackson

 jj018b7952@blueyonder.co.uk 17-11-2008 - 00:15

God bless Reg Varney


 stubags99@yahoo.com 17-11-2008 - 00:13

reg ypu will live on forever on dvd and tv thanks for the great tv and films will be saddley missed


Elaine Fortnum

 efortnum@tesco.net 17-11-2008 - 00:10

Reg you were a great bloke youmade me laugh when I was young and you still make me laugh now when I watch the DVD's and I always will. Thanks for the laughs. RIP God Bless.



Angie Roche

 angieandco17@hotmail.com 17-11-2008 - 00:08

God Bless you Reg, thank you for the many hours of laughter you have left us.We will miss you x x


kev harrison derby 17-11-2008 - 00:06

type in "on the buses movie posters" iin your google toolbar, click on google images, click on poster picture, and lastly click on "save as background" you will then have a great desktop image.....


Richard 17-11-2008 - 00:05

I remember On the Buses when I was a child back in the 1970's. My nana used to roar with laughter and she used to sit with me, watch telly and laugh. 92 is a fantastic age ! Thanks Reg for providing some life long childhood memories.


sarah edmonds

 sr.edmonds@yahoo.co.uk 17-11-2008 - 00:04

I loved you Butler! What a fantastic actor Reg was; he always delivered his lines with a cheeky twinkle in his eyes. "Stan" was the perfect vehicle for his undoubted acting talent.

But let us not forget that Reg was also a very talented pianist.

Sincere condolences to Mr Varney's family.

God bless and night night Reg.

Sarah x



 rowe-david@sky.com 17-11-2008 - 00:04

Reg,you've made me laugh all my life. Rest in peace ol mate. A brilliant talent.


Graham Cale

 grahammartincale@aol.com 17-11-2008 - 00:02

Our twin 6 yr old boys love "On The Buses". We have the complete box set and the films and all the shows make us laugh so much. To read of Reg's passing today has made us all feel very sad and we'd like to pass our heartfelt condolences to Reg's family and let them know that he will never be forgotten by all of us who love him. He was unique and has made so many people so happy. God bless you Reg. x

Graham. Lisa, Lewis and Scott

Janet & Kieron from Essex & Suffolk

 avalonian25@btinternet.com 17-11-2008 - 00:00

Dear Reg,

Memories of you are ours to treasure.

Thank You For The Laughter. Love Jan & Kieron.

Col Heke


 http://www.heke.org 16-11-2008 - 23:58

So sad to hear this news what a great actor and such a wonderful series. RIP



 xpro@talk21.com 16-11-2008 - 23:52

Remember On the buses when I was a kid, It always made me laugh (and still does) So sorry to hear of Reg's death, what a great guy, one of the greats this country has produced.



 PS963@HOTMAIL.COM 16-11-2008 - 23:49

Will be missed by all excellent entertainer and a true gent off screen rest in peace stan(reg)



 robintimms194@yahoo.co.uk 16-11-2008 - 23:47

Very sad news.

Only Anna Karen Stephen Lewis is still going strong, from the original regular cast.

R.I.P. Reg, and i will watch an episode or 2 of On the buses, on my dvd player this evening


Katie Richards

 eviloution21@hotmail.co.uk 16-11-2008 - 23:44

A great and funny actor will be missed, on the buses was a great program I spent many a time watching. sleep well reg.xxxxx


Reg Lover 16-11-2008 - 23:42

God Bless you funny man. 


kev harrison derby 16-11-2008 - 23:41

he is taking the number 11 bus to the cematry gates for the last time..... see also reg varny this is your life on youtube


Christopher W

 chris@onestopview.com 16-11-2008 - 23:32

So sad to hear the news, such a likeable man. Sadly, most of the great comedy actors of the 1960's/70's/80's are no longer with us.



 gavinrashbrook@hotmail.com 16-11-2008 - 23:31

R.I.P Reg you gave us many hours of laughter. On the buses was my favourite show as a child and still is. You will be missed.


Ben Fewkes


 http://Bigben_100@msn.com 16-11-2008 - 23:27

reg will be missed by millions god always take the good ones


Marika Pythagoras

 marika.p@bigpond.net.au 16-11-2008 - 23:27

My condolences go to Reg’s family and friends. On the Buses was a classic that has never lost it’s edge after all these years. When I’m feeling down I put on an episode of On the Buses and I instantly feel better. RIP Reg, you gave many people a great deal of joy.


kev harrison derby 16-11-2008 - 23:22

just olive and blakey left now.....a very sad day.....


 eugenevossenberg@hotmail.com 16-11-2008 - 23:09

REG you made me smile and happy. I will miss you. Rest in Peace.



 markmather@sky.com 16-11-2008 - 22:57

All the best ones end up leaving us, Reg was a true true classic and was one of my very favourite actors.

He will be very sadly missed and my condolences go out to his family.

Rest in Peace Reg, go on make em laugh in heaven like you did us down here. XX


Chris Ivory from Bristol


 http://www.bristolembroidery.com 16-11-2008 - 22:49

Sorry to hear the sad news. One last trip to the cemetery gates beckons. Quite an entertainer before OTB. Gave me lots of pleasure as a kid, and the DVD's and videos still have me crying with laughter.


RIP, Reg.

tony, dawn, abbie and sophie


 http://www.therespectgroup.org 16-11-2008 - 22:44

he has given us all many, many hours of great happiness; i watched him as a child and our children also have and are growing up with him; he also makes us feel that we knew him personally, rip stan; last bus out.


Adrian 16-11-2008 - 22:40

RIP Reg - What great comedy i was brought up with, will be never forgotten - god bless !!

The Heards & Jones of N Wales 16-11-2008 - 22:25

RIP Reg, holiday on the buses means so much to us! only watched it again just a couple of nights ago



 frankiemcadam@btinternet.com 16-11-2008 - 22:23

thank you reg for the comic tv that u brough us through the years bring back on the buses 


mo moran 16-11-2008 - 22:20

So sad to hear the news of your passing away, my condolances to your family. You certainly was one of the "Best of British" . Thanks for the laughter.


Lee Turner

 lee.turns@blueyonder.co.uk 16-11-2008 - 22:18

Very sad to hear that Reg has passed away and condolences to his family and friends. On the buses captured the great British sense of humour and the series and films are and always will be very entertaining and enjoyed by all generations (my kids love them!!). Might have to watch my On The Buses DVD's soon to cheer myself up a bit! Thanks for the laughs Reg and say hello to Bob for me. 


Andrew Richardson 16-11-2008 - 22:10

RIP Reg. You will be very sadly missed.

Bob 16-11-2008 - 22:07


Just heard the sad news of Reg Varney,s passing.

Sincerest condolences to his Family

Thanks Reg, you made us cry tears of laughter but yoday we cry tears of grief.


tony ward

 antonyward54@yahoo.com 16-11-2008 - 22:06

a star of a british classic , he made us smile rip reg

Mickey Giuliano

 mgiuliano@btinternet.com 16-11-2008 - 22:03

RIP Reg, What a fantastic actor in the best comedy ever made On the Buses. You will be missed by so many people, God bless you Butler...


Mark Phillips 16-11-2008 - 22:00

This is very sad news, but the legacy and entertainment you left behind will continue to live on for decades to come.


god bless you Reg Varney and thanks for all the laughter you have gave to me and my family. R.I.P.


laurance smith

 lozandtrace@hotmail.co.uk 16-11-2008 - 21:48

God bless you Reg (Stan) you will always be remembered by myself and many others. Although no longer with us, you will always be the best.


Jan Owen

 blod@live.co.za 16-11-2008 - 21:45

to a really great guy --- sympath to those he left behind - vey sad - from south africa


g. masetti

 gilmas@aliceadsl.fr 16-11-2008 - 21:36

God bless him. He was a truly great comic actor


Graham 16-11-2008 - 21:29

Another on of the greats is no longer with us. God bless Reg (Stan)




 http://leeclassics@googlemail.com 16-11-2008 - 21:27

R.i.p.Reg.Your a legend!


milly6660 16-11-2008 - 21:21

r.i.p. reg

we will all miss you


Carol 16-11-2008 - 21:17

R.I.P Reg you brought my children and l many hours of laughter...You will be sadly missed...God Bless xxxx



 lynette55@btopenworld.com 16-11-2008 - 21:16

I think On the Buses was one of my favourite comedy programmes of all. You just couldn't help laughing. Reg Varney was excellent. Thanks Reg. We will miss you.



 brianclrkb@aol.com 16-11-2008 - 21:13

the world has lost a great actor who gave us so much pleasure god bless you reg rip



 sophie.kitty@hotmail.co.uk 16-11-2008 - 21:08

rest in peace reg varmey sad 2 see u go!!!!!


Mandy Richmond

 missmandymoomoo24@yahoo.com 16-11-2008 - 21:05

I would just like to pass my sympathy to Reg's family. I spent many a happy half hour laughing and crying with Stan, Butler etc and my young children have loved watching the re runs. RIP Reg xxx


Ian Quaife

 ianquaife@aol.com 16-11-2008 - 20:59

WE loved you Butler ! One last run for the number 11. God Bless. 


shirley 16-11-2008 - 20:56

god bless, reg and thanks for the many laughs, u will be missed xx


neil charteris

 neilcharteris@btinternet.com 16-11-2008 - 20:52

another one of the greats sadly leaves us , god bless you reg .


Ron Bean


 http://www.steptoe-and-son.com 16-11-2008 - 20:41

Very sad day today with the passing of the most gifted Reg Varney.

A remarkable man, giving so much happiness and laughter to millions, to which will continue for many years to come as younger comedy fans discover OTB for themselfs.

Our condolences to the Varney Family.

God bless you Reg.




 http://google 16-11-2008 - 20:29

so sad reg has gone ,on the buses is and always will be my favourite programme of all time. god bless you reg


jess 16-11-2008 - 20:28

rip reg varney you will be miissed 




 http://yahoo 16-11-2008 - 20:25

sorry to hear of regs death he a great legend so many laughs with olive & arthur never be forgotten rest in peace


garry w 16-11-2008 - 20:14

you gave me so many happy memories,thank you . 


Darryl Baker

 baker402@btinternet.com 16-11-2008 - 20:08

Sory to hear of Reg's death. He gave me loads of laughs when I was a boy in the 1960's. History repeated itself in the 1980's when my two sons, they also grew up with Stan, Jack, Arthur, Blakey and Olive because we had taped the films and they loved the films as much as I did. My eldest sonhas the complete series on DVD, he is 25 and still loves on the buses.



 daveprice55@yahoo.co.uk 16-11-2008 - 19:59

RIP Reg, a comedy legend - thanks for so many laughs as a youngster. God bless.


Mark Knight

 markknight_911@hotmail.com 16-11-2008 - 19:49

God Bless you reg you made a lot of people very happy


Darren Carr

 daz.zler@btinternet.com 16-11-2008 - 19:44

A very sad day.... A true legend and will be missed.



 Les.Mowbray2@btinternet.com 16-11-2008 - 19:42

As Elswick Mag said , I re-iterate sad news and the lads & lasses on Skunkers have happy memories of Reg in our formative days. Condolences to the family. 


keith holburt

 keithholburt@live.co.uk 16-11-2008 - 19:36

a lovely man,and a great actor,sadly missed,greatly respected/rip reg

david Bradley


 david.bradley@mypostoffice.co.uk 16-11-2008 - 19:36

what a great actor, it came so natural to him ,thanks for making us laugh through the years , thoughts to his family at this sad time, but think of the memories , they will never leave us


Elswick Mag 16-11-2008 - 19:33

Very sad news. Reg will be much missed by all on Skunkers.



 bestbroadband@inbox.com 16-11-2008 - 19:31

a clip from this is your life reg varney.




 johnharrod54@yahoo.co.uk 16-11-2008 - 19:27



colin bearman

 beardaddy@hotmail.co.uk 16-11-2008 - 19:26

/rip reg thanks for all the laughter, may it continue in heaven. you will be sadly missed.



 bestbroadband@inbox.com 16-11-2008 - 19:19

cant believe reg was 92 brilliant actor like many on here brought up on a sat afternoon footy results with on the buses-my kids love all the films.

sorry to lose you reg lots of tears here.


Lawrie Russell 16-11-2008 - 19:09

R.I.P Reg, what a sad loss to us all.


Was just watching you and the gang last night in bed, and no matter how many times i watch all the series i always laugh.

God bless xxx.



 RJOERED1960@AOL.COM 16-11-2008 - 19:08



Gareth 16-11-2008 - 19:07

Just heard too.. Thank you ever so much for your comic genius, RIP 



 sixxsixxsixx@btinternet.com 16-11-2008 - 19:06

god bless u reg, life seems less funny without you



 julianderrick@btinternet.com 16-11-2008 - 19:05

What can anyone say, but thanks for making us all laugh, you and the rest of the cast did it good, you wont be alone you will be back with your good mate BOB GRANT and MICHEAL ROBBINS, Heaven sounds like it will be a fun place to be, being hosted with so many top quality comedians, But thanks for the laughs and the memorys.


jason seymour 16-11-2008 - 19:04

rip peace reg,you will be missed 


Steve Bell 16-11-2008 - 18:57

RIP Reg. Thanks for entertaining us. A true comedy classic that probably wouldn't get past the PC brigade these days.


russell jarvis 16-11-2008 - 18:52

just heard the sad news of Reg Varneys passing. RIP Reg



 michael.good40@ntlworld.com 16-11-2008 - 18:42

Just read the sad news of Reg Varney's passing at the ripe old age of 92.Many thanks to Reg and the rest of the cast for entertaining us all so well.RIP Reg.From Mike.South Wales.


Peter Allen


 http://www.peter-allen.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/ 16-11-2008 - 18:36

Thanks for all the laughs Reg. Be seeing you again soon, on DVD. RIP


Brian Wilson 16-11-2008 - 18:20

Just read of the sad passing of Reg, RIP !



 nmlharrington@eircom.net 16-11-2008 - 18:13

So sad to hear of the passing of Reg Varney. We still watch On the Buses on Sky and on DVD. Hard to imagine Stan as being 92.. May he rest in peace. He certainly provided hours of laughter to many people. 



 paul.elliott6@ntlworld.com 16-11-2008 - 18:08

Sad news of the passing of Reg Varney this afternoon. RIP

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